Welcome to Innovative Realty!
Although we may not have the most recognizable name in the industry or be the largest agency around--we have consistently proven BIGGER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER!!!

We do things a little differently than others. As an independent and full-MLS service company, Innovative Realty does not have the obligations to franchises and their policies or "parent company" office bureaucracy that some of our competitors have. This allows us to have more flexibility in our programs, fees, and response to the needs of our clients.

Innovative Realty's main goal is to provide our clients with sensible and money-saving alternatives to paying out huge commissions. We believe in professional, thorough and responsive services for each of our clients. Innovative Realty works for and with you--not the other guys!!

Whenever a company offers services to consumers at a reduced rate or even offers rebates, critics will often tell you that you receive a lesser product. This is not always the case. Advances in technology have allowed ANY & ALL real estate companies the opportunity to offer their professional services much more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Consumers have proven to be more helpful in transactions these days because they scour the market online--narrowing their home search and more easily matching potential buyers with existing sellers. The consumers of today are more aware of the process because they have become more educated in the understanding of real estate.

Consumer advances, combined with new technologies and market experience allow us to complete transactions more efficiently. By improving efficiency, we save money - on costs and
on time.

The truth is, Innovative Realty offers you the most professional service available in the Mpls./St. Paul area. Plus, we offer these services along with our innovative Buyer's Rebate Program & our Variable Selling Commission fees (located in the Seller's Information Section) making our final fees less than what most other brokerages will charge you. Check us out!! Do not hesitate to call for more information. You will learn that we are the right company for you to hire.

This site was designed with buyers and sellers in mind to be easy to use for all your real estate needs. It is important to remember that the internet cannot advise, counsel, consult, have knowledge of local market conditions, or understand your individual needs. Do not hesitate to contact Innovative Realty for an accurate interpretation or any questions you may have regarding information you receive online.

Innovative Realty offers full MLS services. Over 35+ years experience in the buying & selling of homes in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and surrounding areas is a definite plus when it comes to working for and with you. Counties included in the Minneapolis Metro & surrounding areas: Anoka County; Chisago County; Dakota County; Hennepin County; Isanti County; Scott County; Sherburne County, Washington County; and Wright County. Being licensed in MN, we will also buy & sell properties and homes in all out state areas of MN.

Other plus factors in working with Innovative Realty include our memberships and affiliations with the National Board of Realtors, MN Board of Realtors, and North Metro Board of Realtors.

Convenient client hours:
Mon - Fri 9am — 8pm           Sat - Sun 10am — 4pm

Innovative Realty features a partnership with a licensed property appraisal company to help determine accurate & realistic home values in today's market.

At Innovative Realty, we work to ensure that your home sells quickly and for a pric
e that is consistent with the current market. Pricing your property is one of the most important decisions you will make when selling your home. A home priced too high will often sit on the market without any interest, and a home priced too low can result in huge losses to the seller. Receive your free CMA (comparative market analysis) before you decide to sell your home.

Would this be a good time to sell my home, or should I wait for the housing market to rebound? What dollar amount would (or is) my home to be valued at in today's market? These are just some of the questions all prospective home sellers ask themselves. When you are thinking of putting your home up for sale, Innovative Realty will perform a comprehensive, free market analysis and discuss with you how much your home could sell for in the current market. To determine an appropriate selling price, we take into consideration several factors including: location; comparable area properties; as well as the condition and appearance of the home. In order to ensure the highest level of accuracy, free comparative marketing analyses (CMA's) done for prospective seller's are completed by a licensed real estate appraiser.

Innovative Realty will also perform facilitator services for buyers or sellers. Facilitator services do not qualify for our rebate program.

When you choose Innovative Realty, we provide a full spectrum of services to ensure that your home is priced right and that it is marketed to the most potential buyers.

Contact Innovative Realty to speak with experienced agents who specialize in buying & selling homes.